All of our DVDs are sorted into alphabetical order so it's easy for you to find the films you want.

Stand Up Comedy DVDs

We have a whole section for stand-up comedy!

Children's DVDs

We have an age rating system for our Children's DVDs so all of the PGs and Us can be found on one shelf.


Xbox360 and PS3 are still popular consoles.  We have plenty of games for both consoles available.


We have CDs of all genres sorted alphabetically by the artist's name.


We have LPs and EPs of various ages.

Please see below the prices for all of our multimedia items.

DVD Movie £1
DVD Series £2
Blu-Ray £2.50
PC & PS1 Games 50p
Xbox & PS2 Games £1.50
Xbox 360 & PS3 Games £4
Xbox One & PS4 Games £6
Wii & Wii U Games £2
Nintendo DS Games £1
PSP Games £2
CD 50p
Record (LP) 50p
Record (EP) 30p